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December 12, 2018 

Secondary Infertility 

This blog post is for women who are suffering from secondary infertility and the unique situation this can be. I suffered from secondary infertility after my first, third and fourth children I have suffered a total of 6 miscarriages over the last 17 years. I am blessed in that I have 5 beautiful, wonderful children. Since I already had children, I felt guilty discussing my struggles to get pregnant and the losses I suffered.

" Couples are often in shock or denial when they can't conceive or carry a second (or 3rd,4th, 5th etc )child, especially if their first pregnancy went smoothly. They also feel caught between the world of the fertile and the infertile, with no place to turn for support or empathy. Friends and family dismiss secondary infertility as a loss, figuring you should be grateful if you already have one child. Your friends and even your doctor may also downplay your current infertility problems (telling you not to take it so hard or to “just keep trying”) since you had no trouble before. Parents facing secondary infertility often feel they don’t have the “right” to feel sad about their struggles because they should be grateful for the child they already have. But if you want more children and are having trouble getting pregnant again, you are JUST AS ENTITLED AS ANYONE ELSE TO FEEL ANGRY OR DEPRESSED. The last thing you need when you’re coping with secondary infertility is to let guilt weigh you down even more." ("What to Expect").