Anchor to Hope Counseling LLC 

Career Coaching for Mental Health Field Students 

Anchor to Hope Counseling LLC, offers career counseling for students and recent graduates in the mental health field. This is ideal for social work students, psychology students and counseling students. You can get basic career coaching or add-on some of my other services with it for the all around experience!

$30/per hour session

You can pick as many or as few sessions as you want! 

Career Path 

Are you unsure what path you want to take with your degree? Do you know what your licensure options are? In my coaching sessions I can help you with narrowing down your path and ensuring you are taking the right steps to maximize your degree. 

Mental Health Field Jobs 

Overwhelmed by the numerous career choices when you look for a job? Are you unsure what the job will be like once you start? Unsure what the best companies are? I can help you by explaining what the most common jobs entails as well as feedback on numerous companies. 


Unlimited email support for the length of coaching - $10

Personality tests with explanation of results -$10 for one test $25 for two

Mock Interviews -$5 per interview